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SonoHealth.org is both a community and a company focused on providing the best possible advice and amazing, affordable health and fitness products

Our Mission is to help as much people as we possibly can, both physically and mentally.

Our Values are rooted deep in the desire to help those in need.

Our Promise is that we will always be there for you.


What people say

I believe it saved my life.

I believe it saved my life….first, bless my husband for buying this and bless SonoHealth for manufacturing this. Word has gotten out and I am sure you will be getting more orders. Even my doctor raved about it! Many thanks!

— Vicky M / Virginia, USA

EKGraph™ Other
Record an ECG (LEAD I) and provide a report
Record LEAD II & IV (Chest and Leg LEADs) ×
Has built-in LCD to show immediate results  ×
Free App and with Unlimited Storage ×
Can be used with or without mobile app ×
Print your ECG report right from the mobile App ×
Email your ECG report to your doctor or family ×
No monthly fee or subscription required ×

EKGraph™ vs. Other Heart Monitors

At SonoHealth.org we don’t just make products that compete. We make products that beat! Be confident that you will receive the best product for the best price.


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How it works

Step 1: Record an ECG Fast and Easy

Recording an ECG couldn’t be easier. Simply hold the device between your hands for 10 seconds, and that’s it!

The EKGraph can also record multiple LEADs to show you a complete picture of your heart health.

record multiple leads

Step 2: Receive Immediate ECG Analysis

Receive an instant Analysis right after recording an ECG. Classifications range from No Abnormalities and much more.

View All Classifications

Step 3: Sync with your Smart Device

Use the SonoHealth App to Sync your ECG data to your iOS or Android Device.

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Step 4: View, Email or Print Your ECG

Once downloaded into your smartphone, you can view, email or print your ECG report.

Email reports to your doctor, avoid unnecessary ER visits and save money!

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Try the EKGraph
60 Days Risk-Free

Change your mind?
100% Money Back 

We Pay for
Return Shipping!

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