is Launching EKGraph – A new generation EKG monitoring device is a home-care company based out of Greenville, SC. Founded in 2017, by a Nurse who saw a gap in the market for high quality medical products. Medical products that are affordable, can help customers monitor their health at home to take proactive and preventative actions to ensure the highest level of well-being.

Sono Health is developing a new EKG monitoring device that will help consumers record an EKG anytime, anywhere. The device called EKGraph will be available for pre-order in the upcoming weeks.

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    • says:

      Hi Len Granda,

      Thank you for you questions!

      First things, first, we are FDA cleared.

      How do we compare to KardiaMobile?

      To start off we do NOT have any subscription fees or charges. You can save all your EKG data on your phone. No limits. No Fees. Ever.

      Because the EKGraph has a screen, can use the EKGraph without the need to have your phone with you at all times or be near a computer when recording and EKG.

      With the EKGraph you can take more than just finger tip EKGs. You can take Chest and Leg and Wrist lead EKGs in addition to Finger or Palms leads. This can give you a better picture of you heart health.

      No need to wait for a doctor to review you recording. You get access to your EKGs as soon as you finishing recording one.

      Kindest Regards,
      SonoHealth Team

    • moyaboo says:

      Great portable ECG. Can see as it records on the screen, then you can transfer to phone or tablet using app via bluetooth, or to pc with usb cable. No subscription fee is nice.
      Note: Once recorded and saved, ecg cannot be reploted or graphed on device, but can be looked at as often as you wish via app or on pc.

      Very happy with it so far. Thank You SonoHealth!

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